Access to Finance


Access to Markets



BIAT offers a wide range of Business Support Services to cater for everyone’s business needs. Our in-house experts work closely with you to meet your own individual business needs and requirements as we know, from our long experience, that every business has different requirements and different problems.

Our main aim is to help you grow your business, and this can mean many things.

It’s not just about finding new clients for you; it also means taking care of the ones you have already. (CRM)

It means making sure that you are organized with your finances, paperwork, employees (if you have them) and have the correct systems and strategies in place to move forward with your business.

It’s about getting your name out there, building a good professional relationship and reputation for what you do. (Marketing)

It’s about accessing finance for investments through grants, loans, loan guarantees, venture capital, etc. (Financing)

It means to benefit from targeted business support, e.g. know-how and advice, information and networking opportunities, and a wide range of interactive well-tailored training courses. (Training & Linkages)

It’s about learning to exploit new sources of growth such as the green economy, sustainable tourism, health and creative industries. (Growth)

It means to forge valuable links with research centers and universities to promote innovation. (Innovation)

Our 15 years of experience business advisors will take you through each stage of starting your own business. Now, we want you to ask yourself:

If others are succeeding in business,
why can’t I?