The new 2020 BIAT achievement; Yard, a new online initiative that is fully dedicated to promising start ups and existing businesses with growth potential in Lebanon.

Yard Academy for startup ideas and young businesses

Online platform to train entrepreneurs and develop their skills/company to build a successful business

Branding Assistance (We help entrepreneurs build a logo and select a color scheme for their company)

Online Presence (We help entrepreneurs launch online by building a website for them)

Mobile Presence (We provide entrepreneurs with mobile apps for their business)

Social Media Presence (We help entrepreneurs setup a powerful social media presence)

Business Idea Diagnosis

Business Organizer System (Calendar, Tasks, Meetings, …)

CRM system: How to make the best use of it?

Accounting system.

HR system.

Project Management.

Training on Business Courses (Marketing, Product Development, Strategic)

Personal Development Training

ONLINE Business and Technical Coaching.

Access to Finance Workshops.

Access to Markets Workshops.

Collaboration Events

Startups will go through a structured 4 stage process in order to graduate!

Stage 1:  Idea diagnosis and idea validation.  Entrepreneurs will identify if there is amarket for the product they’re building

Stage 2:  Brand development.  Help the entrepreneur establish a company name, adomain name, logo. slogan……

Stage 3:  Business development.  We will help the entrepreneurs build a dynamicbusiness plan, develop KPIs, find partners, and build their MVP

Stage 4:  Personal Growth.  Help the entrepreneur develop their skills to become abetter founder and leader