Entrepreneurship Café

On the 5th of March 2015, an inspirational and intellectual gathering of energetic, active and educated youth took place at BIAT premises at the Commerce and Agriculture, North Lebanon. The event objective was mainly for advocating, educational and entertaining purposes that overall met in asingle main stream.In fact, Entrepreneurship Café was apprehended in the collaboration of each of DPNA, TEC, Rowad, and BIAT.

Moreover, theworkshop was among the sixth Entrepreneurship Cafes that took place in Lebanon. The chief aim was to come up with a list of challenges that entrepreneurs might face during their trial. Thereafter, the event second aim was putting on display the helpful efficient communication between the youth that have entrepreneurial perspectives and an evocative debate was useful to share different mentalities. Also, the event was developing an economical strategic plan between the private sectors and the local NGO’s.

Group photo: Attendees sharing and discussing questions and answers.

During the event, the participants where requested to exchange places on several times for discussing different challenging topics such as financial , media , civil society , government , private companies and public sectors.The event was portrayed in an overwhelmed energetic groups, a team spirit, and an outstanding atmosphere of intellectual ideas and interesting information. In addition, the event witnessed different opinions, point of views and culture.

Group photo: Team discussion; one of the brilliant groups.

On the closing stages, a positive feedback encircled the team. The sixty attending members were amazed by the enthusiastic atmosphere and the positive attitude the event was conducting. They believed that the upcoming inner voice will soon appear out for a real implementation and a promising successful performance inside the city. They believed that the promising help and the highest support BIAT is maintaining will absolutely flourish their capabilities and beliefs.

End-photo event:  Dr. Innovation with the attendees.