Entrepreneurship Training against Women Violence

On the 27th of February 2015, a vocational entrepreneurship training was taking place at BIAT premises at the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture in which was addressing violence against women and the major problems that circulate around women abuse, torture and discrimination. The training witnessed various nationalities, precisely Lebanese and Syrian Women. The main purpose of the event was to follow up with them and provide the necessary services and support. These services are distributed on various provinces from Business Planning to Networking and Marketing. In addition, the training addressed the suitable facilities on initiating a business and on how to make an adequate and contented living.

Group photo: Mr. Abdul Rahman Ghaleb, in his entrepreneurship training with the attendees (Lebanese and Syrian Women).

Moreover, and a as a part of Women International Day theme; #make it happen! We had discussed several topics with Syrian and Lebanese women, who suffered enough from the violence, abuse, and the lack of integrity in their lives. . And through the discussion, BIAT set the possible amenities that could serve these women; such as creating intensive job opportunities for each and each one of them, for opening the path to dream , plan and start a new small business to make a fitting convenient living  and  for the proper support  to their families.

In short, the training met mutual positive interactions. BIAT was glad to assist women in their hard trials, who suffered a lot and who were always imagining living a better subtle life. BIAT said that; “We are always there for help, we are supporting every entrepreneurial action and we want to perceive women as an effective entity, setting goals and make them true. In their role, they were grateful for the humanitarian spirit that BIAT and the team are giving, for the ambitions and for the continuous support.