How to Start Your Own Printing T-shirt

On the 5th and the 6th of June 2015, an intellectual entertaining event under the title of “Learn Silkscreen Printing and Launch Your Own Business” took place at BIAT center at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli, Lebanon. Pragmatically, the event was split into two consecutive days. A thriving entrepreneur from Al Fayhaa area “Mr. Hisham El Naboulsi” discussed for the interested attendees and in a brief presentation the idea behind this activity, the know-how of the printing procedure and the future plan of this idea.

On the first day, the aim of the event was to learn the basic steps, instructions of the printing T-shirts and the philosophy behind the designs that did last around four consecutive hours. The session pursued with a very enthusiastic spirits. He proceeded to explain how to use the main materials that are very sensitive to the light, how to burn the image on the screen, the colors and their characteristics, the printing and packaging, the Arabic artistic designs, the Authentic Arabic calligraphy, listening to the youth experience, exhibiting Arabic and Lebanese successful models through the designing and printing on clothes etc… At the end of the day, the attendees were divided into four groups and each came up with their own design to prepare on the next day.

Mr.Hisham El Naboulsi during his presentation on the first day of the event.

The attendees during the presentation, first day of the event. “Preparing their own design”

On the second day, the groups were ready to come up with their own t-shirt throughout the help and supervision of Mr. El- Naboulsi. First group was “Question Mark”, the second group was “Electricity”, the third group was “Lebanese Girl” and the fourth group was “The Lebanese Map”. In fact, the names were taken from the Lebanese cultural theme. The challenge among these groups was to come up with the most creative and beautiful design so they can win. Each group had a specific time; once they finish the printing process and their t-shirt is ready, the second group starts to get ready. The four groups completed their printing process to the last step. The competition was for the most beautiful design; the design that did reap the greatest number of “Likes” had received a unique award from H-shirt production. On the closing stages, the entrepreneur Mr.El Naboulsi gave some advises and support to the attendees in order to trust their journey and launch their own business so they can add value to market and come up with creative artistic t-shirt ideas.

 During the workshop: Printing the group’s own style on the T-shirt – the group that did reap the greatest number of “Likes”.

The attendees making their own T-shirt on the second day of the event.