The BIAT innovation Training course took place on May 14, 2013, where a group of 28 university students and graduates, and young entrepreneurs from North Lebanon participated.

BIAT staff, Mr. Abdel Rahman Ghaleb, and Mrs. Claudia Ayoubi, ran a presentation on innovation, creativity, research and development, commercialization of research and development, and innovation processes.  The session was followed by a game entitled ‘Star Wars’. The participants were asked to build catapults utilizing available office material. The game is built on a simulation implementing the innovation process explained during the course.

After completing their catapults, the 5 groups used beans as projectiles to test the efficiency of their products. The group with the highest score, measured by the catapults efficiency, in addition to product design, and cost, won the competition.

The purpose of the game is to teach the participants the importance of creativity, research and development, testing the financial and technical feasibility, product design, product efficiency and effectiveness, and the innovation process. At the end of the session, each participant was given a certificate of participation.

Presentations by Mrs. Claudia Ayoubi and Mr. Abed Ghaleb

Testing the catapults

The innovative catapults

During the R&D process

Team Managers ‘purchasing’ the raw material for their products

The Happy Ending with ZERO casualties!