Kazem Kheir Visit 

Kazem Kheir is a Lebanese politician. He was elected as a member of parliament from Minié in North Lebanon in June 2010 during by-elections after the death of former MP Hashem Alameddine . He joined the Future bloc of Saad Hariri . The deputy, El Kheir is a youth reference and symbol of which further commitments are well structured and organized whether in the region of Minie’ Akkar or near the district.

On the 12th of February 2015, and in the presence of Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tripoli, Lebanon Mr.Toufic Dabbousi, Mr. Kheir visited BIAT premises when a set up of a specialized discussion took place. In his part, Mr. Fawaz embraced Mr. Kheir by introducing BIAT’s successful activities and events accomplished from 2006 till the very start of 2015.  Mr.Fawaz highlighted the need for steady systematic plans, support and commitment in helping this generation find their vocational calling, serve the needs of the city, and initiate partnerships and programs. In addition, Mr.Fawaz said that the political situation is affecting the development and the un-going process of the city, leaving enterprises homeless and people jobless.

In his role, Mr. Kheir believed that the city needs the true efforts of BIAT and the maximum possible support. He added that BIAT is always promising in assisting and supporting the socio-economy needs and requirements. Furthermore, he said that our collaboration will be based on reciprocal efforts for the help of this city and in building diversified actions and services to enhance delivering the optimal output and benefits.

In the closing stages, Mr. Fawaz shed the light on the importance of at least modest collaboration in which fulfillment of action plans can be reached and served for the majority of people in the North. He added that what can build from Lebanon a promising future is the only the dedication and perseverance of us. Moreover, Mr. Kheir was impressed with the limitless ambitions BIAT is giving and was assured that the ongoing functions will overwhelm the city with an educational, social and developing nature that emphasize the awareness of the society, build healthier opportunities and enhance the flourishing facilities inside the North.

Group Photo -Left to Right :BIAT’s director Mr.Fawaz Hamidi , Future bloc the deputy Mr.Kazem El Kheir, President of Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Tripoli Mr.Toufic Dabbousi and BIAT’s Vice director Mr.Nasri Mouawad.