Leadership VS Management Seminar

On the 13th of February 2015, a vital seminar was held at BIAT premises in collaboration with University of Balamand under an attention-grabbing, educational and inspiring topic “Leadership vs. Management”; the possible way of existing and how, at BIAT premises. The seminar was presented by Mr.Emile kannan; the director executive business education at University of Balamand and Mr.Fawaz Hamidi; the director of BIAT. Mr.Fawaz started the session with a small introduction of BIAT vision which entitled the idea of creating new facilities and opportunities mainly for skillful and accomplished people forcing them to stay in Lebanon in which they add value inside their communities.

Furthermore, Mr.Emile Kannan added that SME nowadays is like running any other enterprise in terms of needs to have enough knowledge on management and leadership also to be able to use this knowledge in affective way. In this manner, we can discover a genuine partnership between Balamand and BIAT primarily in spreading a culture of continuous learning. Indeed, the seminar witnessed pretty well positive youth and executive candidates enlightened with high degree of responsibility and a confident vision of future leaders.

Additionally, the seminar detained for two consecutive hours of motive, sharing and enthusiastic integration, opinions, questions and answers. The main purpose was to contemplate a future road of highly concerned and thoughtful entrepreneurial society that can capture the business, sustain a self control, enhance learning and developing, learn how to appreciate all, be acquainted with the numbers and limits and least and not last ensure a peak of humbleness.

On the closing stages, a deliberate message was sent from the UOB President Mr. Elie A. Salem that says; “it is now the challenge of your generation entering the university life to look the facts in the face and face them with the courage of thoughts, with the power of reason, and with the vision of free men and women. You have to succeed where our generation has failed in building the moral foundation of the public interest, of the state.”