MEDPORTS International Capitalization Event

On the 11th of November 2015 and after 24 months of implementation the international capitalization event and the closing ceremony of MEDPORTS project took place at the Business Incubation Association in Tripoli- BIAT in the patronage of the president of the CCIAT Mr. Toufic Dabbousi and in the presence of 235 attendees.

Medports “Strategic Mediterranean Ports Sustainability & Efficiency in Intermodal Synchronization” is a project co-financed by the multilateral cross-border cooperation “Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme” as part of the new European Neighborhood Policy and of its financing instrument ENPI and implemented by BIAT and the port of Tripoli in Lebanon.

The aim of this event is to ensure the most effective dissemination and capitalization of the project results in med partner countries.

The event started by welcome speeches from the president of the Chamber, Mr. Toufic Dabbousi who embraced the relation between the CCIAT- BIAT and the European Union in implementing several projects for the benefit of the region.

Subsequently, President of Tripoli port Dr. Ahmad Tamer, described the status of the port and the problems they were facing and how this project has optimized the system by minimizing the cost and the duration of the logistical transactions.

Afterward, BIAT’s director Mr. Fawaz Hamidi appraised this collaboration among the EU, the stakeholders and the Lebanese community who will feel the sustainable impact of this pilot project on the longer term. Hoping, that this initiative would be the cornerstone in the implementation of the

Technological solution aiming to enhance efficiency of port operations in order to seize the upcoming opportunities raised at the regional level.

After that, a technical session was held. First, the Jordanian partner represented by Prof. Amin Robaidi, Dr. Material science at Al-Balq’a applied university who talked about the available Technological systems that develops ports and elaborated the expected results that improves Akaba sea port. Second, the Spanish partner represented by Dr. Jaime Beltrán, Manager of Assessment & Improvement “IAT” documented a video labeled “Towards the Port of the Future”. Third, was the Lebanese partner from the port of Tripoli represented by Eng. AbdelRahman Hajar, Head of Technical Department at Port of Tripoli – Lebanon, senior expert, OEPT who highlighted the general overview of MEDPORTS Project as a tool for optimizing goods movement and minimizing the permanence of goods in the Mediterranean Basin ports and providing a higher level of service. Next, Mr. Hamze Obeid the project coordinator of Medports representing BIAT displayed the technological proposal and feasibility study, the main results and the identified best practices during the timeframe of the project.

Finally, a short movie entitled “This is the story of MEDPORTS “was played which showed all the activities done during the project.