“PRIME” Generations of Success in the Gold & Silver Sectors

On the 10th of December 2014, PRIME project “Promoting Intergenerational learning in Mediterranean countries” second public event, took place at BIAT’s premises in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli – North Lebanon. The event was directed by BIAT, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture of Tripoli – North Lebanon, and the Syndicate of Jewelers in the North.

PRIME’s project objective is not only limited to fostering intergenerational learning within gold/ silversmiths and to developing transferable mentoring schemes for intergenerational learning but also to transferring  core skills in the gold/silversmith and gemology sectors. Furthermore, the targeted groups are young entrepreneurs mainly planning to start up a business to benefit from an existing one. It also covers entrepreneurs and young candidates willing to take over a family business in the field.

First picture: President Toufic Dabbousi representing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli, North Lebanon delivering his welcome speech.

Second Picture: Director of BIAT, Mr. Fawaz Hamidi on his deliberate speech with President Khaled Al Namel the Syndicate of jewelers in Tripoli.

Third Picture: President Khaled Al Namel representing the Syndicate of jewelers in Tripoli embracing the audience and underlying the positive impact of spring project on the jewelry sector.

BIAT’s Director Mr. Fawaz Hamidi, embraced the audience with defining BIAT’s strategic role in creating job opportunities through socio-economical development projects and shed the light on the essential methods to make the gold silver smith sector prosper and evolve.

Likewise, President Toufic Daboussi embraced the audience, and believed that society has a bulk role in the jewelry industry field. He said that there should be a basic element requirement and it is the “creativity” in order to attract quality customers in the Lebanese and Arab countries.

Moreover, Mr. Khaled Al-Namel was grateful for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli – North Lebanon and its partners for their initiative and promising plans that will offer new opportunities for Tripoli. He called upon the participants to have a good enrollment in PRIME Project for the welfare of the up-coming generations.

Miss Guida Minkara, BIATs Project Coordinator, updated the audience with the status of the project, the purpose of the project, discussed the upcoming activities, and the importance of the audience in being a part of the intergenerational transfer in this sector.

Group Photo