SHAAMS PV Training- Technology Transfer and Technology Valorization

Within the framework of the research and enterprise accelerator pillar of the SHAAMS ENPI CBC Med project, BIAT organized a training of trainers sessions entitled: Technology Transfer and Technology Valorization. The training took place onthe 18th and 19th of September 2015 for the 1st group and on the 6th and 7th of December 2015 for group 2.

The workshop aimed to promote renewable energy in Lebanon by empowering renewable energy experts (Mechanical and electrical Engineers and architects) who are already in the renewable energy field or having the will to get into the Photovoltaic industry.

The expected outcome is to build a pool of 50 technical experts to be able to work in the PV industry implementing a self- sustaining growth process.

The first training group is given by Mr. Pere Soria, a renewable energy expert and an electrical engineer from Spain holding thousands of teaching hours for different levels in solar energy for installers, engineers, architects, etc.

The second training group is delivered by 2 experts. The first one is Mr. Ala’ Al-Qar’awi a renewable energy expert from Jordan with a training experience of more than five years for different levels of installers, engineers, architects, etc. As for the second trainer, Mr. Sheikh Mohamad Alaya is a senior Strategist & Manager with 20+ years of rich and diverse experience, including over 10 years of High level Ministerial Meeting Contribution in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

Mr. Pere Sori                              Mr. Ala’ Al-Qar’awi                    Mr. Sheikh Mohamad Alaya

The topics covered by the 1st training group are: solar radiation basics, photovoltaic basics and technologies, PV system components, design and sizing of PV systems, testing and commissioning of PV systems, PV system (maintenance, troubleshooting and safety).

As for the second group training’s topics covered: Earth Geometry, technological background and radiation concepts, solar electricity generation types, off grid PV systems, on grid PV systems, regulatory working models of PV systems, PV system testing & commissioning and operation.

At the end of the sessions, a certificate of attendance was distributed by BIAT to the participants to appraise their hard work and determinations.