“Start Up Your Soap Business” Workshops

“Start Up Your Soap Business” Workshops is an initiative launched by BIAT in partnership with the Mutual Fund, Chamber of Commerce of Tripoli, North Lebanon, and Banque Libano Francaise on Monday 24th of March, 2014 at 11:30 am. The launching event took place in BIAT premises in Chamber of Commerce-Tripoli in the presence of Mr. Rachid Jamali, former Mayor of Tripoli Municipality, Mr. Khalil Atieh representing Kafalat, and Mr.Omar Tabbal representing Banque Libano Francaise.

Speaker: Mr. Fawaz Hamidi –BIAT Director

Mr. Fawaz Hamidi, BIAT’s Director, announced the launching of 6 soap workshops and stated that the aim behind this initiative is to encourage fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, and women to open a soap venture and to emphasize on the importance of this type of craft “Soap Production” and to upgrade the quality of Tripolitan soap.

Speaker :Ms. Najah Kasaa ( BIAT CHEMIST)

Ms. Najah Kasaa (BIAT’s Chemist) gave a presentation on soap making ,and BIAT soap Product “ Clemence” and later on  explained to the audience the benefits of opening a soap business and how affordable and profitable it can be, and why were targeting olive oil soap specifically .

Mr. Khalil Attieh ( Kafalat)                                                                    Mr. Omar Tabbal ( BLF)

Following that, Mr. Khalil Attieh (Kafalat-credit Analyst) and Mr. Omar Tabbal  (Banque Libano Francaise-Direction Mina Branch ) presented an overview about products,facilities,and loans they offer to start up a business.

The ceremony ended successfully at 1:00 pm with a cocktail.