Success Stories

On the 23rd of April 2015, a beyond outer vision of intellectual success brightened up the North region of Lebanon. The annual event “Success Stories from North Lebanon” is an entrepreneurship oriented event from North Lebanon to exhibit and share the success stories journey of the entrepreneurs among invited community members, students, graduates, academic entities, and financial actors. The Faculty of Business and Management at the Balamand University and in collaboration with the Business Incubation Association in Tripoli (BIAT) had come up with a seminar that merged together BIAT entrepreneurs from North Lebanon,Chamber of Industry in Tripoli, Banque Du Liban (BDL), Banque Libano Francais (BLF), and Kafalat presenter. The event witnessed much of pedagogic touching messages from the different speakers. Starting with Mr.Nasri Mouawad “BIAT Vice-Director” word of speech, he said that it’s the third time we opt to have a small bunch of entrepreneurs to tell us about their flourishing journey, so in this way they would enlighten others to make their dreams achievable and attainable. He ended up his speech by saying; “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”.

Thereafter, Mr. Karim Naser “Dean of faculty of Business at University of Balamand” said; “UOB is always there for those who want to pursue their goals. We ensure that they would encounter unique opportunities and facilitate their steps forward, adding that this congregation will be a memorable professional message from individuals and highly accomplished people.Furthermore, Mr. Toufic Dabbousi “President of CCIAT”, said that the city cannot handle failure and the scarcity obstacles that hinder the ambitious visionary of this successful generation. He said that BIAT is giving the ultimate facilities and energy to enhance the development of this city by focusing on the entrepreneur who mainly has a dream to accomplish.  From Mr. Saad Andari word of speech, second vice governor of Lebanon’s central bank , he shed the light on the significance of the bank’s action plan to shore up the housing, education, renewable energy projects, innovative projects, research & development ventures, entrepreneurship, and other productive sectors of the economy.

Reaching Mr. Fawaz Hamidi word of speech, director of BIAT, he took the initiative to say that every dream turns to be true, each opportunity becomes accessible. Since 2006, the Business Development Association in Tripoli (BIAT) stumbled upon the prosperous triumph. From the University of Balamand and its heritage antique, we speak loud and with sincere voice; there is no place for ignorance between us, no place for cessation, no time for surrendering and migration, no for poverty, yes for entrepreneurship and work. He added; “Tripoli, the oriental city, the inheritance of the Mediterranean, the green Koura, together we rise up over all the defilement”.  He ended up saying that we should build together a better life for the good people of the north and to initiate the business development and the importance of launching new innovative projects. In his word of speech, Mr. Elie Aoun, head of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) unit at Banque Libano Française, declared his bank goal in supporting entrepreneurship and improvement in order to turn innovative dreams into successful businesses, creating room for new employment opportunities. Moreover, Head of Kafalat, Mr. Khater Abou Habib highlighted the role of his company that ensures giving loans for SMEs. Also, he said that we are trying the maximum we have to provide them with loan guarantees based on business plans and feasibility studies which show the viability of the proposed business activity.

In their roles, the entrepreneurs presented their success stories to the audience. Each entrepreneur took us on a journey which is uniquely distinct, where they all endured challenges, took risks, had a vision, and succeeded. Young graduates and entrepreneurs benefited from the bulk supportive information and were inspired from the stories of such successful entrepreneurs in their region. Starting with the first success story, Mr. Mustapha Badawi “Manager of CCG”, he shared with us the history of his company that becomes one of the leading networking and IT solutions companies in Lebanon. Moving to Mr. Jamil Haddad, founder of Colonel Beer Brewery painted his unique concept to the market that delivers crafted beers on the shores of Batroun, North Lebanon. Also, Ms. Soumaya Merhi highlighted her unique concept: Breadbasket Square (BBS) which is the first wheat-free artisanal bakery in Lebanon. Least and not last,Mr. Chafic Ghazaleh spoke about Ehden Adventures, that introduced new entertainment activities to the community.Finally, Balamand’s computer engineering student Georges Bahry, talked about his application: “I am not OK”  that allows the user to send a “I am not OK ” message, that gives exact GPS coordinates, to designated persons, in case one is in need of assistance. ​​​​​​​In the closing stages, a stimulating instrumental music overwhelmed the sensation inspirational atmosphere touching the audience with the success and prosperity outlook after a spacious depth of hope and optimism.

The first success story: Mr. Moustapha Badawi from CCG. The second success story :Mr. Jamil Haddad from the Colonel Beer

The third success story: Ms.Soumaya Merhi from Bread Basket Square. The fourth success story :Mr. Georges Bahry from Mobile Application.

The fifth success story : Mr. Chafik Ghazaleh from Ehden Adventures

First picture:  Mr. Toufic Dabbousi, president of Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture in Tripoli. Second Picture Dr. Karim Naser word of speech: Dean of faculty of business and managment at UOB.

Third Picture: Mr. Fawaz Hamidi Director of BIAT , word of speech.

Fourth Picture: Mr. Elie Aoun  word of speech: Head of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) unit at Banque Libano Française. Third picture: Mr. Nasri Mouawad BIAT’s Vice Director , word of speech: BIAT

First Photo: Mr. Saad Andari, Second Vice Lebanon’s Central Bank.Second Photo: Dr. Khater Abi Habib-Chairman/GM of Kafalat