On the 4th of April, 2013 BIAT organized the event entitled “Success Stories from North Lebanon” at the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli, in collaboration with the central Bank of Lebanon and in partnership with the Banque Libano Francaise, Kafalat and the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon.

The annual event “Success Stories from North Lebanon” is an occasion for entrepreneurs from North Lebanon to present their success stories among invited community members, students, graduates, academia, and financial actors.

A number of successful entrepreneurs from North Lebanon, namely Mrs. Nouhad Mouawad, Mr. Youssef Fares, Mr. Ziad Sankari, Mr. Paul Tawk, Mrs. Sally Khalaf, Mr. Ahmad Kassas and Mr. Nidal Daccour gave remarkably commendable presentations about their entrepreneurial journeys. While each journey was uniquely distinct, they had all endured challenges, took risks, had a vision, and succeeded. It is anticipated that young graduates and entrepreneurs will benefit from being informed and inspired from the stories of such successful entrepreneurs in their region.

Collaborators and partners of the event, Dr. Saad Andari, representative of BDL and second governor of Lebanon’s central bank, Mr. Elie Aoun, representative of BLF, Mr. Khalil Attia, representative of Kafalat and Mr. Abbas Ramadan representative of IDAL, spoke on how they would help would be entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

In line with the inspirational atmosphere of the event, Mr. Fawaz Hamidi, Director of BIAT, conduct a “dream game”, where the audience was asked to wear a blinded mask and deeply visualize their dreams, accompanied by a stimulating musical piece.  The event concluded with a networking cocktail and round table.

BIAT Director, Mr. Fawaz Hamidi introducing the event.

Mr. Saad Andari, representative of BDL and second governor of Lebanon’s central bank

Nohad Mouawad, founder of Atelier Nanou.

Youssef Fares, founder of House of Zeid.

Mr. Elie Aoun, representative of BLF.

Ziad Sankari, cofounder of CardoDiognostics.

 Nasri Mouawad, Vice Director of BIAT.

The Dream Game.

Mr. Paul Tawk, cofounder of Roxana.

Mrs. Sally Khalaf, cofounder of Green Ways.

Mr. Abbas Ramadan, representative of IDAL.

Mr. Nidal Daccour cofounder of Code&Dot.

Mr. Khalil Attia, representative of KAFALAT.