On the 21st of February 2015, a pedagogic intellectual event “TARABLUS DAHAB”  which was representing a modest part of PRIME’s project; the fostering of innovation and dissemination in the area of intergenerational learning within gold/silversmiths and the identifying of effective models to contribute to the learning and professionalism of younger generations, took place at BIAT premises at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Agriculture in Tripoli.

Group Photo: Ms.Guida Minkara and the attendees in “Tarablos-Dahab” event presentation at BIAT premises.

On the head start, Ms. Guida Minkara; Project Coordination Officer, presented a concrete and a comprehensible explanation on PRIME Project and the success stories that BIAT met during its mission. Furthermore, Ms. Guida and the attendees headed to meet the touristic guide Mr.Bassam Nahhas at the Gold Market particularly in the old heritage souks of Tripoli.

Starting the tour, Mr. Nahhas encountered the standard indispensible characteristics that made up the city’s reputation. In fact, the Gold Market represents the most ancient market in Tripoli. The word “Souks” was mainly derived from the Aramaic language; a family of languages or dialects, belonging to the Semitic family. Moreover, Mr.Nahhas explained the important location of the “Mansori Mosque” that was basically constructed in the time of “Mamlouk covenant”.

Besides, he shed the light on the urban planning’s bulk role in constructing and designing the Gold Market in the center of the city beside the “Mansoury Great Mosque, 1294”. He added, “The markets represented an effective spacious role in the economic sector”. Furthermore, the souks had been grabbing until this our days’ very important dealers and traders from the region, abroad, and far districts that stop by solely to visit the remarkable soap store named by “Khan-AlSaboun”.

Group Photo: Mr.Bassam Nahhas; the event touristic guide and the attendees in their Gold-Market tour.

In the tour near end, we have met the president of Syndicate of jewelers in Tripoli;Khaled Al Namel who left us with a general and effective review of the gold industries inside the Gold Market of Tripoli. In his role, he stated that the Gold Market is from the most valuable economic and touristic sector in the North, describing his thoughtful successful journey that he faced. After though, Mr.Nahhas explained the very essential heritage of the Goldsmiths market in supporting the economic part of Tripoli and in the expansion of the city’s reputation. He added that the market restoration took place in the 1998and it was considered among the rarest markets that preserved its career in attracting tourists from the world over. In the his final stages, he mentioned the chief objective of the Gold Market in creating skillful, talented and intelligent generation that save their ancestors’ craft and the effusive extraordinary Lebanese profession.

Group Photo: Mr.Khaled Al Namel in his tour with the attendees to the Gold industries at Tripoli, Lebanon.

Gold Craft:Snapshots from inside the Gold Industries at Tripoli, Lebanon.

Tour-End group photo:Mr.Khaled Al Namel, Mr.Bassam Nahhas, Ms. Guida Minkara and the attendees.