The EU Cooperation Days

The European Delegation to Lebanon, in collaboration with the EU Member States, organized the 3rd EU Lebanon Cooperation Days on 8 and 9 May 2015 at the Pavilion Royale in BIEL, Beirut. The different panelists were presented for the debate that was under the title of the Economic challenges facing Lebanon. Mr. Fawaz director of BIAT, Business Incubation Association in Tripoli took the initiative to start with the goal of the event and proceeded the debate with the different speakers allowing the interventions and deliberations of the attendees and the listeners.

As a director and presenter of BIAT, Mr.Fawaz Hamidi took the action of the moderator of the panel discussion under the title of “Future Economic Challenges debate. On the further step, an action plan was suggested by Mr.Fawaz for a vital circular debate among the speakers.

Mr.Fawaz Hamdi, director of BIAT. Moderator of the EU days.

First, a presentation elaborated from each of the panelists for a duration not exceeding 10 minutes. Second, a discussion involving the attending panelists of total of 20 minutes. Third, questions from the audiences for an overall of 20 minutes. Fourth, a closing talk for a total of 10 minutes. The different panelists took their roles in spreading their knowledge and expertise mainly in the economic challenges effecting Lebanon in general and the Lebanese citizens in particular. The panelists were; Mr.Nassib Ghobriel, the Chief Economist and Head of Economic Research and Analyst Department of Byblos bank. Mr.Charbel Nahas, the Former Minister of Telecom for (2009-2011) and Minister of Labor for (2011-2012) of the Lebanese Government. Mr. Kamal Hamdan, managing Director at the Private Lebanese Consulting firm and Mr. Foad Zmekhol, President of the Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL).

The conference’s diverse topics were mainly on the job creation, public budget deficit and the impact of the ongoing Syrian crisis and flow of refugees on the Lebanese economy. A vigorous discussion highlighted the above topics ending with a promising action plan that could push the economic situation forward despite the many obstacles hindering the economic and social progress in Lebanon as a whole and to circumvent the duality of the Lebanese government.

Group photo:Left to right: Mr.Fawaz Hamidi, Mr.Charbel Nahas, Mr.Nassib Ghobriel, Mr.Fouad Zmekhol, Mr. Kamal Hamdan