On the 17th of May, 2013, BIAT launched its third session “Intro to soap production”, delivered by Miss Najah Kassaa on the basics of soap production.

BIAT’s industrial space is a project funded by the EU aimed to promote awareness and expansion of the soap production sector in North Lebanon. As such, the soap training courses are delivered under the objective of promoting the soap production cluster that has existed for over 100 years in the history of Tripoli.

The course is closed with an interactive game in which the participants are encouraged to be actively involved in the soap making process. This latest takes several steps to be completed. Mixing the oil with caustic solution until the mixture becomes homogenized represents the first stage. Aroma fragrance drops are to be added after that.  Subsequently, the blend has to be spilled out in the molds and, finally, the top layer of the soap has to be adjusted. In addition to its production perspective, the practical exercise includes a simulation on quality, marketing, and the financials of the business.