On the 16th of March, BIAT launched the program “Youth @ Work Fayhaa” in the chamber of Commerce, Tripoli. The program “Youth @ Work Fayhaa” is sponsored by the Arab Urban Development Institute, in partnership with the Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities, the International Youth Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon, and the Business Incubation Association in Tripoli (BIAT).

The launching of this program aims to instigate a joint initiative to recruit and promote civic participation to help create a favorable environment and infrastructure that would have a positive impact on the developmental capacity of disadvantaged young people and those who live within the boundaries of the cities of Fayhaa.

Mr. Tawfiq Dabbousi, representative of the CCIAT, Mr. Nadir Gazali, representative of the Union of Al-Fayhaaa Municipalities, Mr. Elie Kai, project manager of AUDI, Mr. Bassem Nasser, regional manager of the International Youth Foundation and Mr. Fawaz Hamidi, director of BIAT, delivered speeches and stressed on the fundamental role of the youth in fostering an economically viable and constructive environment in the region. Heartfelt speeches were also made by young socially active entrepreneurs in Tripoli, whom emphasized their passion, enthusiasm and strong drive for change in their beloved city.

A final presentation was delivered by Mr. Abdel Rahman Ghaleb, BIAT innovation officer, to announce and delineate the contents of the project and application process, whereby a financial donation of 75,000 U.S. dollars in total value, will be provided to three NGOs working in the cities of Al-Fayhaa, following the submission of proposed projects and the successful completion of the evaluation process. The event concluded with an open discussion and cocktail.