Within the activities of “Youth @ Work FAYHAA”, a projectsponsored by the Arab Urban Development Institute, in partnership with the Union of Al-Fayhaa Municipalities, the International Youth Foundation and implemented by BIAT, a 6 day workshop for the 14 selected NGOs and CBOs took place on BIAT premises, from the 15th to the 19th of April, 2013.

The purpose of the workshops is to train NGOs and CBOs from the Al Fayhaa region the necessary and helpful tools to manage their organizations more efficiently, and provide them with the knowledge and expertise on how to teach youth valuable skills to make them more employable, or future entrepreneurs.

The 6 day workshop sessions covered topics on; program design and dual assessment, life skills and employability skills, cross cutting skills and youth friendly services, how to deal with difficult youth and M&E, program design and beneficiary selection, and marketing. The courses were delivered by Mrs. Linda Tubaishat, Mr. Fawaz Hamidi and Mrs. Claudia Ayoubi.

Upon completion of the workshop and submission of project proposals, three NGOs/CBOs working in the Al-Fayhaa area will be awarded a financial donation of 25,000 U.S. dollars each.

Mr. Fawaz Hamidi, BIAT Director, Mr. Abed Alrazak Ismail, representative of the Union of Municipalities and Mrs. Linda Tubaishat,Senior Technical Program Manager and Youth employment specialist, introducing the Youth@Work program.

Mrs. Linda Tubaishat training the NGOs and CBOs.

Mr. Fawaz Hamidi- training on entrepreneurship and strategic alliances.