ARE “Increasing MSME productivity by co-investing in Lebanese Light Manufacturing and Services Sectors”

The intervention will provide in-kind equipment support and group business training to at least 100 MSMEs in and around the Tripoli area. This includes in addition to Tripoli (Kobbeh, Bab El Ramel, Tebbaneh & Jabal Mohsen, Old Souks, Tal, Zuhrieh, New city), suburbs directly related to Tripoli conglomeration in Mina, Koura (Ras Maska), Bedawwi and Minieh. The average grant size per MSME is expected to be around $2800.
The support will be focused on food & beverage. Creative industries and light manufacturing businesses including:
Restaurants, Fisheries, fishing boats MSMEs (if found relevant by ARE), and Bakeries: These subsectors could be grouped under the Food & Beverage Sector (60 MSMEs).
Fashion and clothes production, printing and packaging, soap production, forged steel, glass art, and other interior design products (excluding furniture): These subsectors could be grouped under the Traditional Creative Industry Sector (40 MSMEs).
The proposed intervention will follow the below methodology:
A) Outreach
B) Initial Application Review and Shortlisting
C) Final Selection including Full Application, equipment specifications and budget screening
D) MOU signature
E) Procurement and delivery of Equipment
F) Delivery of group business trainings
G) Monitoring and Data Collection
H) Final report
Expected Results:
• At least 100 MSMEs with improved businesses operations, sales, and/or employment through the provision of in-kind equipment
• At least 100 MSMEs with improved knowledge of the sector and local business environment through the provision of group business trainings.