E-commerce Promoting Post COVID-19 Recovery and Poverty Reduction through Productive Sector Expansion for Women and Youth in Lebanon

The objectives of this work are to support the implementation of the UNDP project through the accomplishment of the below activities:
• Businesses and cooperatives: build the capacity of 10 MSMEs/Cooperatives by providing tailored trainings in the sphere of e- commerce, marketing, business development and new market trends and advising on the required equipment
• Women and youth traders: improve the livelihoods of 300 women and youth traders by providing trainings in the sphere of e-commerce, marketing, and new market trends.
• Business Development Services (BDS) Institutions: empower 10 BDS Institutions to be able to support employment by building their capacities through focused skills training on new topics/areas related to
market development in addition to e-commerce platform development and application and advise on the required equipment to be provided
The service provider, together with UNDP, will be working with three main target groups
(SMEs/Cooperatives, Women and Youth traders and BDS Institutions) across the 4 areas in Lebanon
(ML/Beirut, North/Akkar, South, Bekaa/Baalbeck-hermel) based on a defined workplan and will be responsible for:
Activity 1: Support 10 SMEs/Cooperatives to develop personalized business development plans and provide trainings in business management and development planning
Activity 2: 300 women and youth traders have developed marketing skills and techniques, especially adapted to the newly identified markets and to their products
Activity 3: Build the capacity of the 10 business development service