The process of the sector dialogue started with a basic data collection to define gaps and opportunities in 6 chosen sector value chains. It incorporated data collected from secondary sources, which proved to be very poor when sector and geography information was needed, interviews with SMEs, and experts from the six value chains in addition to an expert focus group for each sector.

This first stage led to either a description of potential interventions or at least a choice of market opportunities or sub-sectors where interventions looked more feasible and promising towards the objectives of the project. These interventions were chosen based not only on the market opportunities but also on the gaps and weaknesses across the value chains.

The project process encompassed 34 interviews, 6 focus groups, 75 potential subsectors and market opportunities, 12 revised subsector and market opportunities, 12 sector dialogue sessions, and 4 suggested areas of intervention (project category), 10 Project Types, and 70 development projects.